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This Site was developed by Bill Barkelew for the athletes of the Oregon LWC #37
for informational purposes about Olympic weightlifting in Oregon. I hope you find it useful.
New updates as of 2-21-2015
Coming soon a NEW and IMPROVED website for Oregon Weightlifting
At the LWC meeting on 2-15-2015 Dean Limb of Klamath Crossfit
has agreed to take on the task of recreating this website
give Dean all the support you can in this endeavor as I will
The domain will change, but when up I wll put a link here and delete the
content at this domain
Also added a link to the Nov. Industrial Strength meet HERE
New updates as of 2-19-2015
Updated the LWC Records set at the Central Oregon Meet HERE
New updates as of 2-17-2015
Updated the LWC Sinclaire Ranking List HERE
New updates as of 2-14 2015
Added link to May 9th, 2015 WarGames Contest HERE
Added results of the 2015 Central Oregon Meet HERE
Do not forget the lwc meeting Sunday 2-15-2015, Agenda HERE
I am still working on the sinclair ranking and 36 new lwc records.
Updates as of 2-1-2015
Link to the On-line Entry for the March 21, 2015 Southern Oregon Open
Oregon lwc results from the December 19-21 2014 Hassle Free Record Breakers
Katey Choukalos, weight 67.19, sn 71, cl&jk 88, total 159, place 4th, sinclair 202.76
Jonathan Saxton, weight 75.69, sn 103, cl&jk 143, total 246, place 3rd, sinclair 312.83
New updates as of 1-20-2015
LWC meeting Sunday Feb. 15, 2015, 12 pm
John Serbu Youth Campus 2727 MLK Blvd, Eugene, OR 97402
Contact: Tom Hirtz (541)953-7946 for information
Posted the 2015 Sanctioned meet schedule HERE
As of 2015, the Oregon LWC will only provide notification of
sanctioned competitions on the annual schedule. You are
encouraged to contact any nearby club presidents regarding
future unsactioned competitive opportunities in your area.
New updates as of 12-11-2014
Link to the 2015 Central Oregon WL Invitational HERE
Updated the LWC records set by Michael Herbst at the
September 27th University Nationals, Michael Reset his records in the
17-20 & Open 62 kg Cl & Jk 111kg & Total 197kg records listed HERE
New Updates as of 12-6-2014
Link to IronMind Cl & Jerk Challenge Entry HERE
New updates as of 11-15-2014
Posted results of the Industrial Strength Fall Classic HERE
Updated the LWC Sinclair rankings HERE
Added New Regestered LWC Clubs
Iron Hand Barbell & Intrepid Barbell PDX HERE
Updated LWC records as of today HERE
New updates as of 10-26-2014
2014 Halloweenie Meet Results HERE
New updates as of 10-11-2014
Posted link to the 10-25-2014 Halloweenie Meet HERE
New updates 9-28-2014
Updated the Sinclair rankings after the 2014 Vulkan Open HERE
Added the results of the 2014 Vulkan Opene HERE
Updated the lwc records from the Vulkan Open HERE
New lwc records:
Mona Phan 48kg open class snatch 45kg
Michele Nguyen 69kg 40-44 class, sn 58kg, jrk 71kg, total 129kg
Amelia Salzman 75+kg 17-20 class, sn 74kg, jrk 94kg, total 168kg
John Stang 62kg 17-20 & open sn 100kg
Vitaliy Lazarenko 77kg 17-20 class, sn 100kg, total 225kg
Joseph Beck 77kg 40-44 class, sn 85kg, jrk 97kg, total 182kg
New updates as of 9-20-2014
Added the Iron Beaver Weightlifting Club HERE
Updated lwc records
Teri Sharp, 40-44 group 75kg class Savage Open sn=41, cjk=56, total=97
Jennifer Banning, 45-49 grp, 58kg class, World Masters, sn=47, cjk=60, total=107
Shane Sevcik, 35-39 grp, 105+ class, sn=120, total=271
Kelly Reece, 35-39 grp, 63kg class, Biggest Little City Open, sn=67, total=152
lwc lifters results from the Biggest Little City Open 9-14-2014 Reno NV
Kelly Reece: 62.8, sn 67, cjk 85, total 152
Katey Choukalos: 66.9, sn 71, ckj 91, total 162
Rylee Carlton: 66.9, sn 58, ckj 78, total 136
Dean Limb: 84.46, sn 75, ckj 100, total 175
Full Results can be found on O WOW! site HERE
Updated the lwc sinclair rankings as of 9-19-2014 HERE
New updates as of 9-14-2014
Posted the 13 new lwc records set at the 2014 Savage WL Meet HERE
Also posted the 4 lwc records set by World Masters Champion Ryan Hudson
Here is a listing of all the new records at Savage Meet
Kallie Wood 16 & under 48kg class: 35 sn, 45 cj, 80 total
Kallie Wood open 48kg class: 35 sn
Allison Wood 16 & under 58kg class: 40 sn, 60 cj, 100 total
Rebecca Saxton 17-20 58kg class: 60 cj, 100 total
Kelly Reece 35-39 63kg class: 90 cj
Joe Mendez 40-44 94kg class: 60 sn, 86 cj, 146 total
Records set at World Masters
Ryan Hudson 35-39 & open class: 146 cj, 246 total
Great Job All!!
New updates as of 9-7-2014
Posted results of the 2014 Savage Weightlifting Open HERE
I will update the LWC Records later as I am still reviewing them
New updates as of 8-30-2014
Added link to Schmitz Officiating Article HERE
New updates as of 8-17-2014
Report of LWC#37 Lifters at the 2014 National Championships
Aubry Jones, VULKAN, 58 kg class, 57.68, 67, 82, 149, 210.6 Sinclair
Jessica Gee, UNNOR, 63kg class, 62.17,78,97,175,234.6 Sinclair
Jonathan Saxton, KLAMA, 69 kg class, 68.61, 98, 130, 228, 307.8 Sinclair
Ryan Hudson, LV5ST, 77 kg class, 76.16, 108, 145, 253, 320.6 Sinclair
All information from Denis Reno's Weightlifter's Newsletter #370
New updates as of 8-15-2014
Added results of the IronWorks Masters Meet HERE
Added entry for the 9-20-14 VULKAN Open HERE
Changed the name of the 12-13-14 IronMind Meet
to the IronMind Clean & Jerk Challenge
New updates 8-2-2014
Added The 2014 Savage Weightlifting Open to the contest schedule
Sunday August 31. Meet entry HERE
Changed the date for the Industrial Strength Fall Classic
From Sat 11-8-2014 to Sunday 11-9-2014 HERE
New updates as of 7-25-2014
Added link to Industrial Strength Fall Classic 11-9-2014 HERE
New updates 7-21-2014
Results of the 7/13/2014 Industrial Strength Summer Classic HERE
New Updates as of 7-4-2014
Added results for the Vulkan Mock Meet 6-28-2014 HERE
Added new regestered clubs in the lwc HERE
Crossfit Reflexion Barbell Club #3722, Jesse Udom, Beaverton, jesseudom@gmail.com
Southern Oregon Barbell #3723, Jacob Kuln, Medford, jkulyn@gmail.com
Magnus Barbell #3724, Tyler Fischer, Portland, qfischer@crossfitmagnus.com
Rogue Iron #3725, Holly Nickerson, Medford, jake@roguevalleycrossfit.com
Dragonfire Barbell #3727, Michele Sparks Nguyen, Portland, michele@crossfitdragonfire.com
New Updates as of 6-29-2014
Indfustrial Strength is the newest USAW registered Oregon club, located
in Portland under the guidance of Mira Kwon and Tony Gracia.
Contact info is mira@industrialstrengthgym.com Phone (541) 380-0571
Industrial Strength will be hosting it's first sanctioned competitin,
The Industrial Strength Classic on November 8, 2014.
An entry will be posted shortly.
New LWC Records set at the 6-22-14 Pan Am Masters in Canada
Ryan Hudson the winner of the 77kg class set new cj 148, total 261 HERE
IronWorks unsanctioned Meet and Picnic
August 9, 2014 Entry HERE
New updates as of 6-11-2014
2014 U of O and State Championships results are HERE
Men's new lwc records
17-20 & Open Michael Herbst 62kg all
35-39 & Open Ryan Hudson 77 kg snatch & total
Women's new lwc records
Open Mary Pond 58kg cl&jk & total Sarah Bertram 75kg all
35-39 Kelly Reece 63kg jerk
5 new men's & 6 new women's lwc records HERE
2015 Sinclaire rankings can be found HERE
Photos of State meet award plaque, mens lifters and two of the women lifters
New updates as of 6-9-2014
Updated lwc records from the 5-3-14 War Games Meet HERE
New updates as of 5-10-2014
Added the results of the 4-27 2014 Industrial Strength Contest HERE
Updated the Sinclair list thru the 5-3-14 War Games Contest HERE
The top 15 men and top 15 women on this list will get an application
to enter the UO State Championships the next 5 will be alternates
New updates as of 5-7-2014
Posted results from the 5-3-14 War Games Contest HERE
I will update any new lwc records and the Sinclaire rankings as time permits
New updates as of 4-29-2014
Updated Jassa Gunn's Junior National results to Sinclair ranking HERE
New updates as of 4-28-2014
Added a pdf file of IWF Officiating rules HERE
New updates as of 4-26-2014
Updated the Sinclair rankings as of the 2014 Russ Knipp Contest
New updates as of 4-16-2014
Posted Results of the 2014 Russ Knipp Championships HERE
Updated LWC records as of the Russ Knipp Contest HERE
63kg 55-59 Holly Arrow cj 62.5, total 105
75kg Open Sarah Bertram sn 72.5, cj 95, total 167.5
75+ 17-20 Amelia Salzman cj 92.5, total 165
Posted Photos from Russ Knipp Contest below
Posted Photos from the 3-22-14 IronWorks Spring Classic Below
New updates as of 4-13-2014
Posted results of the 2014 Southern Oregon Open HERE
Special note I marked new Oregon LWC records in Yellow on the results sheet
A note from Dean Limb on this contest

We had lifters from Medford, Sisters, and as far north as Hillsboro show up to the meet. Including a couple of fellas from Medford that will be starting USAW clubs here shortly. So I am very excited about that. It was also big for our struggling community to be able to get people from out of town to see what a nice facility Klamath Falls has

Coaches' Courses scheduled for Oregon listed below
May 10-11 Seaside, Seaside High School,
Host: Daniel Leary, Instructor, Jay Tieder

May 31 – June 1, Beaverton, Crossfit Reflection,
Host : Jesse Udom, Instructor: Michael Reams

July 19-20, Tigard, Crossfit Explosion,
Host: Kyle Young, Instructor: Jay Tieder

August 16-17, Hillsboro, KOR Physical Therapy,
Host: Brian Bradley, Instructor, Jay Tieder

Processing: September/October Beaverton, Crossfit Reflection,
Host: Jesse Udom, Instructor TBD
New updates as of 3-28-2014
Added the contest results for the 3-22-14 IronWorks Spring Classic in Creswell HERE
New updates as of 3-26-2014
Added results of the 12-8-2013 Winter Meet II HERE
Added results of the 3-16-2014 POW Spring Classic HERE
Posted meet entry for the 5-3-2014 WAR Games HERE
Changed the date for the UO State Meet to 6-7-2014 HERE
April 12, 2014 Russ Knipp Weightlifting Championships Entry HERE
2014 Southern Oregon Open Entry HERE
Just Posted 3-8-2014 NEW LWC Records set at the
Central Oregon Invitational on February 1, 2014 in Sisters HERE
Kallie Wood 16 & under all new records in the 43 kg class
Allison Wood 16 & under new snatch & total records in the 58 kg class
Rebecca Saxton 17-20 new snatch & total records in the 58 kg class
Kelly Reece 35-39 all new records in the 63 kg class
Jennifer Banning 45-49 all new records in the 58 kg class
Shane Sevcik 35-39 all new records in the 105+ kg class
Mike Anderson 65-69 all new rcords in the 105 kg class
2014 complete contest schedule is HERE
New Information Added 3-2-2014
Complete Sinclair Ranking for all LWC 37 Lifters
From June 2013 UO Contest thru Feb 1, 2014 Central Oregon Contest
1-25-2014 Industrial Strength unsanctioned Meet Results HERE
Here is what I have so far
3-16-2014 - Spring Classic unsanctioned POW Poster HERE
3-??-2014 - Klamath Weightlifting Contest ??
4-??-2014 - Russ Knipp Weightlifting Championships, Creswell
5-3-2014 - War Games: Battle For PR's sanctioned POW
6-??-2014 - UO & State Championships
Link to the 3-16-2014 POW Spring Classic Entry Forms HERE
Link to the Cupids Throwdown Contest results HERE
2014 Central Oregon Invitational Results HERE
Photos from the contest below
New LWC Records set at the 2013 IronMind Contest records HERE
Amelia Salzman womens 17-20, 75+ class, sn 72.5, cj 90, total 162.5
Ryan Hudson mens open, 77kg class, cj 145, total 255
Ryan Hudson mens 35-39, 77kg class, sn 110, cj 145, total 255
Trevor Smith mens 35-39, 85kg class, sn 90, cj 117.5, total 207.5
Many New Contest coming in the new year I will try to post info ASAP
2013 Savage Weightlifting Meet 12-28-2013 results HERE
2014 Seaside Barbell Winter Classic 1-11-2014 - facebook.com/SeasideBarbell
2014 Industrial Strength WL Meet 1-25-2014 Entry HERE
2014 Central Oregon WL Invitational Host Ryan Hudson HERE
2014 Cupid's Throw Down 2-15-2014 contact Kyle Duever
More Contest are in the works
May 2014 Portland Area?
June 2014 UO Contest State Meet
July or August Portland Area?
October or November Portland Area?
2013 IronMind Meet results are posted HERE
2013 IronMind Female Lifters
2013 IronMind Male Lifters
2013 Level 5 Strength Mock Meet
November 30, 2013, Bend, Oregon
Results HERE
Klamath Barbell November Meet Results can be found HERE
Next contest the 2013 IronMind Weightlifting Championships
Saturday, December 14, 2013
Where: IronWorks Gym, 600 Dale Kuni, Creswell, OR
The entry can be found HERE
NEW contest Winter Weightlifting Meet II (unsanctioned)
Sunday December 8, 2013
Where: Franco Athletic & Sports Training
13780 SW Galbreath Drive in Sherwood, OR 97140
More information can be found HERE
LWC News: Ryan Hudson and Level 5 Strength held an unsanctioned contest
on October 5, 2013 in Bend Oregon
The results can be found HERE
Super Fun Contest This Year At The 2013 Halloweenie Meet
Meet Results Are HERE
Male Lifters At The 2013 Halloweenie
Female Lifters At The 2013 Halloweenie
Put it on your calendar. Central Coast Barbell Club is hosting Cupid’s Throwdown on 2/15/14. Weigh in 9am.  Lifting begins at 11am.  This is an unsanctioned event, great for all lifters, but particularly for the inexperienced.  Location is 3915 Anne St. Unit C, Waldport, Oregon 97394.
Contact: Nathan Gushwa 541-272-2862, Kyle Duever 541-207-4031
Next Contest is the 2013 Halloweenie (unsanctioned) Contest
Contact Tom Hirtz for Contest Info At
(541) 953-7946 or email hvyath@aol.com
Results of the 2013 Heavy Athletics Club Meet HERE
New LWC Records set at the meet were set by the following lifters
Kallie Wood 16 & under: sn 22.5, cj 30 total 52.5 Kallie looks like a future STAR
Mary Pond open div: sn 70, cj 87.5, total 157.5
Rebecca Saxton 16 & under: sn 32.5,
Goldie Dinsmore 17-20: sn 32.5, total 77.5
Amelia Salzman 17-20: cj 87.5
All of the LWC records can be found HERE
This report would not be complete without a special note on Sarah Bertram
Being the head ref for many years I have watched Sarah lift many times
I have never seen Sarah look stronger on her attempts on her 1st 3 great snatches
She decieded to take a 4th attempt at 90kg which would tie her LWC Record
Sarah suffered a bad dislocation of her right elbow on that lift
I will post this email she sent to her coach Tom Hirtz less than a week later
"I'm feeling good, didn't get sore much. I did an hr workout at 4 today. One arm sn, one arm press, some Ab work, hypers, squats
with about 40kg with that padded bar. My arm exercises, iced several times! No pain, still taking ibuprofen. Swelling is a bit better! It felt good to sweat:)"
Sarah, hope to see you back on the plateform soon
Next LWC Contest will be the Heavy Athletics Club Weightlifting Championships
Meet entry is HERE
Changes for this competition:
1. Meet entry will be sent by email rather than postal mailing "time - cost factor"
2. No more than 22 lifters will be accepted
3. Late entry fee is now $80.00 if not in Meet Director's hands by 9/11
Competition date September 14th 2013
The newest club in Oregon LWC is Ryan Hudson's club, Level 5 strength. It is
located in Sisters. Contact Ryan at (541) 639-5300 or Ryanhudson@me.com
New Club Klamath Barbell Club in Klamath Falls
Contact Dean Limb at (541) 331-4357 or crossfitklamath@gmail.com
Oregon Lifters  2013 National Championships
Congratulations to all
69 Womens
Sarah Bertram   3rd place   87 / 106  193 total 6/6
Amy Hay  8th place  75 / 92  167 total  2/6
69 Mens
Brandon Tovey   14th place  97 / 122  219 total  3/6
New information on the web site
Guidelines for holding Competitions in LWC #37 HERE
Next Sanctioned Contest the 2013 Heavy Athletics Club Championship
September 14, 2013 Entry form HERE when available
Next Contest 2013 Seaside Open unsactiond Entry HERE
Current LWC Records Can Be Found HERE
UO Weightlifting Classic Results Are HERE
Seaside Barbell Club is the latest addition to the Oregon LWC’s family of clubs.  Dan and Margie Leary are the forces behind this club and can be reached via email seasidebarbelle@gmail.com or the club website, www. facebook.com/seasidebarbell.
Next Olympic Weightlifting Contest in Oregon
The 2013 UO Classic & State Championships
Sunday June 2, 2013. Contact Jim Radcliffe for info email jradclif@uoregon.edu
The 2013 UO Classic
LWC Records set at the 2013 Russ Knipp Contest HERE
Cyndi Ambert: 63 kg class, 40-44 age, sn 52.5, cl&jk 65, total 117.5
Beth Smith: 75 kg class, 35-39 age, sn 55, cl&jk 70, total 125
Amelia Salsman: 75+ class, 17-20 age, cl&jk 85, total 147.5
Brandon Tovey: 69 kg class, open, sn 95, total 212.5
Dave Otteman: 105 kg class, 40-44 age, sn 95
Results of the 2013 Russ Knipp Contest HERE
Portland weightlifting is picking up, no pun intended.  Arron Steiner has started a new USAW club, Vulkan Weightlifting.   He can be reached  at  (360) 333-0478, or  via email at coach@vulkanweightlifting.com.  Get in touch with Arron  and  become part of a positive lifting environment.
Announcing the 2013 Russ Knipp Weightlifting Championships
April 13, 2013 at the IronWorks Gym
Entry form can be found HERE
The results of the 2013 IronWorks Spring Classic can be downloaded HERE
Representing Oregon at the USA National Masters was
Sara Ferris 50-55 age group 69 kg class sn 38 kg, c&jk 44 kg, total 82 kg, 1st Place
Amy Farrell 45-49 age group 75+ class sn 45 kg, c&jk 61 kg, total 106 kg, 3rd Place
Congratulations Ladies!!
Results of The 2013 IronWorks Contest Can Be Found HERE
New LWC Records were set at the 2013 Ironworks Contest by
Carol Clark records list HERE & HERE
Amelia Salzman records listed HERE & HERE
Lifters at the 2013 IronWorks Competition below
Charlestown WCL hosted a Strength and Conditioning clinic in Illinois on Jan. 19 and 20, 2013. Pictured are Al Vermeil, the organizer and Oregon LWC’s Jim Radcliffe  in legendary company as one of the feature speakers including Zygmunt Smalcerz, Tommy Kono, and Marty Schnorf (not pictured). 
Meet Entry blanks for the 2013 IronWorks contest
on February 2, 2013 can be printed HERE

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